"I read or heard somewhere that after you sell you can't buy back in for 31 days... If this is so and the Copmpany runs those that have sold out are going to miss a chunk of the move higher. Can anyone confim the US tax situation wrt "tax loss selling"/buying back?"

I cannot speak to the U.S. context. In Canada, however, if shares are sold at a loss and are repurchased within 30 days either after or before, it is regarded as a 'superficial loss' by Revenue Canada and cannot be calimed. I was trying to find a way around this for purposes of my TFSA, but no dice. Same rule applies if you conduct the transactions in different accounts, or if your spouse does the purchase. 

So I'll just shrug, suck it up and move the shares into my TFSA. Since I don't expect an actual loss anyway it's not a huge deal. I'm more concerned with getting as many shares as possible into the tax shelter, so I frankly would have been happy if this spike could have waited until the 3rd- but hey, again, problems I don't mind having.