Fixed      You are correct it was supposed to a one time, first and last, post. But the response seemed so very favourable that it would have been arrogant to ignore it. In a world where a sense of occasion and civility seem to be lost we did not want to project that image. To the other forum follower who asked about Canadian Forces service in our group, some of us are veterans but most are not. Certainly a nice day and a nice New Years gift with a 15% increase today, as jailtrader said at the open "seems like a sure thing today" See what he can do when he sticks to what he knows. Quick shout out to wwwaters today as well as, he seems to be working overtime bringing new followers up to date. Poncho seems to be missing in action, but there are no shortage of other excellent posts today so this forum and the stock price seem to be recovering in lock step together. This forum remains our groups favourite.