@reeinvestorguy; read the GWMG update again in its entirety; ...this really caught my eye;......................

" During the development of the BAR, the Company made the decision to increase the amount of land designated for the separation plant to 19.9 hectares on the advice of its technical advisor on the project, Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group Ltd. ("GQD"). As a result of the site expansion, a road transport study was necessitated. GWMG anticipates the expanded report will be submitted to the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning by mid-February 2013. In addition, a Land Use Planning Ordinance ("LUPO") application is underway through the Company's consultants, Planning Partners. The preliminary LUPO application for rezoning has been submitted, accompanied by information and technical studies from the draft BAR, to the Matzikama Municipality. It is anticipated the LUPO application process will be completed by the end of the 1st Quarter of 2013."

- Why is this so significant ??? ...the original land optioned for the construction of the joint-venture seperation/refinery was 12 hectares of which 6-7 Ha was designated for the seperation plant. This has now been increased to 19.5 Ha (not sure if this means footprint, or plant;...I'll assume footprint) , which represents a substantial increase! .... and for what purpose???.... to park more cars?? ...... to incorporate an executive 3-par golf course??? .......... No; I'm betting on an increase in  Ree processing capabilities !!!

- 19.5 Hectares = 48.75 Acres

- 19.5 Hectares = 195,000 Sq Mtrs = 36.46 American inbounds football fields

- That's a significant footprint !!!