wwwater face it, he makes some decent points. Yes, GWM planned management shakeups. However, did you honestly think that they'd resign without explanation, without knowing who or what is taking over, for the longer term, really?!


We've heard twice now, PEA by early, and then later, the end of Q4. I see what, one more trading day for them to make good on that word? And no, if they do deliver it after hours, at 11:59 pm or so, while most are asleep, on the 31st, I would not see that as "Well done, just as they said that they would", yada, yada, yada (that imo, would be pumping, at it's best). No, imo, if they knew what they were talking about, and if they have it by then, I would appreciate our hearing about it before, during, or at least shortly after trading hours, NOT in the waning hours of the night, or wee hours of the morning. Imo, that's what more credible, and respectable companies do. I truly hope that they imo, start acting like one, soon.


So, imo, we'll soon find out if they are men of their word, or just crying wolf. Then again, what are the "men" who voiced those words even doing now? Don't get mad, just get a bit more realistic imo, and deal with fair questions, which deserve answers. Enough of this "all in due time, just another tool, they can't say this or that because of ..., I see all" BS imo. Deal with the facts as they are, not as you'd like for them to be.


Better yet, it'll be nice when we hear what they facts are, comprehensively, from the company, and whoever is, and will be running the show. If positve, the market should take note. Again, hold the company accountable for what they say, and what they accomplish, or don't accomplish, relative to what they've said. It's called accountability. Yes, things don't always go as planned, but when they don't, you don't remain relatively mute, keeping people in the dark, rather, you EXPLAIN. Imo, one is somewhat over due. Imo, part of good management is knowing what you're talking about. Hopefully they do, and start EXECUTING. Many here boast about world class management. Well, Gary and Jim were certainly part of that view, right? If so, how much of it? With their now only or supposedly being "consultants" on an as needed basis, it would be nice to know who is taking charge. 


The answers to the questions that many have may be very positive, and I hope that they are. However, at least from appearances sake, it appears that things have been floundering for quite a while, and they have the pps right about at 52 week lows to prove it. Yes, other companies are down as well, but I thought that this company was supposed to be better than most. Right now, they appear to be mired down in the pack. Rather than them or others here pointing out problems with other companies, perhaps those persons should concern themselves what's on our own plate, and find a way to effectively deal with any would be issues, towards eventually becoming a profitable company that's relevant, and around for the long term. Going into the new year, please stick to the facts, answer direct questions, and try to come up with some projections and predictions that actually come to fruition, without several revisions, or relatively lame rationalizations or excuses, since we've had more than our fill of those, especially here imo.