What the fudge does that mean? I couldn't give two rips about your silly sand box metaphors. You need a reality check pumpernutter. If you think that I'm "bullying", feel free to have me tos'd. It's obvious that you're at your wits end since nothing here has gone according to your oh so careful analysis. Your inability to change your mind in the face of overwhelming market evidence proves that you ain't got one. Here's a simple fact for you. GWG is at 2.5 year lows and you have zero explanation for it. No PEA, key personnel walking out without explanation, a fired and corrupt mine manager, you still don't know what he did or the damages wrought, no word on the SX plant, they don'rt even answer their phones anymore, holiday time for them despite their comittments to deliver by year end. Maybe the sand box analogy suits a child like you but a man gets a grip on reality. Look at the chart. It's worse than ever, never been steeper, never been deeper. Ucu, now that chart looks pretty good. You just can't the fact that I'm right and you're wrong. I made a good investment and you did not. You're weak and I just kicked sand in your face. Go cry to Charles Atlas. I think you're old enough to get the reference.