Attached is a geological discription of the area that was mined at Steenkampskraal by previous owners and where the concertrate of thorium was sent to in the 1950 and 1960.

As Gary Billingsley, a geologist by profession indicated the potential at Steenkampskraal is greater than first thought from the surface showings and the historical data available.  Only a very small percentage, not more than 10% of the area within the current mining license which covers 474 hectares has been drilled and explored and has now provided approximately 28,000 tonnes of insitu content of rare earths as indicated in the recent NI-43-101 that was filed. 

Additional drilling of another 13,000 metres or an additional 10% of the area of 474 hectares is expected to provide another 28,000 tonnes of insitu rare earths which may be included in the forth coming Preliminary Economic Assessment and will also be included in the updated Ni-43-101.  The vein structures and surface showings extend well beyond the boundaries of the current licensed area in all directions and at depth more prominently into the northern part which is in the direction of the Zandropsdrift deposit owned by Frontier Rare Earth.  None of that area outside the current licensed mining area has been drilled however a prospecting permit has been granted to GWMG by the South African Government for exploration of approximately an additional 54,700 hectares (547 square kilometres) as displayed on the map below.