The_Derminator - Your reasoning does not hold water, this is why Jack Lifton is invested in GWMG and not Ucore or for that matter any other rare earth venture.  And these are Jack's own words.  Four very valid reasons.

"The best plan for vertical integration in the rare earth arena outside of China today is that of Great Western Minerals Group, which has

1) A previously operated thorium mine in South Africa that it is converting over to a FREESTANDING rare earths focused mine,

2) An agreement with an experienced financially successful Chinese rare earth refiner to build a solvent extraction plant at the South African mine site to separate the particular rare earths mix found there from each other,

3) An established British sited and operated rare earth magnet alloy producer, which has traditionally operated using Chinese sourced rare earths for the last 20 years and

4) is constructing a new rare earth metals refinery in the UK to produce high purity rare earth metals from the separated high purity rare earth salts to be produced by the SX plant in Africa and which metals so produced will then enhance and ultimately replace Chinese material. The result will be a Western non-Chinese vertically integrated producer of rare earth permanent magnet alloys, which alloys will go to the current European and Japanese, highly experienced, rare earth permanent magnet makers that today already buy such Chinese metal based alloy materials from Great Western's Less Common Metals wholly owned subsidiary. The customers will not know when Chinese feed stocks cease to be used by LCM. In the GW model each technological unit is self-contained and internally managed technically. Only finance functions are directly controlled by the conglomerate's management."