wwwater, no, when things don't go as planned, I EXPLAIN, so people UNDERSTAND what's going on, and why, I don't leave them guessing, or in the dark. That rarely happens, it is an exception overall in my life. With GWM, the whole past year has been, imo, a combination of fuzzy, some mistatements, with a lot of what appears to likely be imo, "Push it back, push it back", with little to no meaningful explanation if we have what we need to get to where we all expect this thing to go, or who'se really going to be running the show even. Recall, you boldly proclaimed about them likely being fully integrated by early 2013 (really?!, what is the color of the sky in your world? seriously), then mid 2013. I forget what your new, revised, version may be? Then, when someone dares to question how you came to your expectation, you go off on how they don't understand the company, the method of how they will be building, this process, that tool, or the other thing. :/ Don't get mad, just be right about something, anything really.

You say I don't bring anything to the table here, hmmm, where's your charge(s) led, other than to the poor house possibly for some, if they believed your rose colored, pie in the sky, lazer, beer goggle induced, wild speculations a plenty (imo)? I think that GWM has potential, but it appears unrealized at the moment. That could change, and I HOPE that it does. All I know is that if or when the tide turns, I'll probably be adding at a lot lower price than what you've been pumping it for, for a very long time. And I know, you're not an investment advisor (no kidding?!, none of us are). It's a good thing that you aren't because judging from your portfolio, namely GWM this past year, who would be interested, based upon your 2012, "results"?! Again, there's hope for the New Year, and perhaps GWM can start delivering in a consistant, concise, and comprehensive manner, at least I hope so. I would like to trust that GWM will execute, however, I'm still looking for verification of that. I don't have seemingly blind faith, like yourself and some others here. Enough missed dates, and excuses on steroids from many members here. It's getting later in the game, we're still in it, hopefully you and they finally connect, on something objectively positive, and the market reacts favorably.