wwwater- Why are you sneering at those of us who hve some expectation that the company will follow through on its commitments? They have told us several times now, including quite recently, that that PEA would be out this year. They have not recanted that nor given any indication that they would fail to follow through on their promise to investors on this matter. 

As I have said before, it speaks to credibility, and to respect for investors. We ought ot be able to expect that when the company says 'we will do this', and then again says 'we weill do this by ____' and then yet again only a few weeks out says 'we will still do this by ____' that they mean it. It's wholly reasonable to expect them to take their commitments to investors seriously. It's just as reasonable to expect that if some target, objective or deadline shall not be met, that they inform us of this in as timely a manner as is possible.

The company has pledged to release a piece of news that will be of a very material nature. It will tell us what we can expect for OPEX, CAPEX, revenue projections, updates on the separation plant, hopefully on the CEO search, and all of this cumulatively will inform the financing that we know is coming sometime down the road. Why would any shareholder NOT be displeased if the company were to fail to fulfil this commitment to us in the time frame they have promised? There's a difference between being an objectively optimistic shareholder, and wilfully being blind to faults and errors.