Some   risks that remain  underplayed- concerning GWG   doing business in South Africa - is the labour strife and poverty  and corruption  that  is  still quite endemic in South  Africa. Remember we have invested in a company that has placed a  lot of  capital  in  country  that is still struggling heavily with  poverty and  corruption. LYNAS  has had their probelmes in Malaysia-  hopefully  we don`t get hit  with issues in another culture  or political situation  we don`t fully copmrehend like Lynas has.  Several miners were killed  in   S.A  during  the  last  flare up  not too long ago. I hope  GWG    does things   a lot differently .  For starters  I suggest they provide proper housing for their  local  employees  and their  families  to replace the tin shacks so many of these employees have to live in.. Some much larger mining companies have failed to share the wealth   in poorer  countries for far too long ( not counting the  payoffs to  local officials and  politicians )     and the frustration  amongst  local workers has really boiled over this year. I am glad that a  black empowerment agreement   has  been put  in place by GWG anyone know any specifics around it?

Cheers wolfie