JJ, we all want the same thing but we're not all posting like you are. Do you not think that we want to know who our CEO is, or that we got the permit to go ahead at SKK or that LCM is this and GWTI is that and GQD is blah blah blah? Of course we do but it serves no purpose that we whine about it in every post we make. I appreciate that you post both your negative and positive opinions about it. (yes, I noticed that) however the song never changes. I don't even need to open your post anymore to know what it says because it never changes...parragraphs and paragraphs of what you wrote a few hours earlier.  I understand you and we are all here waiting for the same thing. We are asking for news....any news  because it will  our sp up. At the end of the day, that's all we want to see. Seeing this .235 and .24 8 hours is ridiculous for GWG.

Lighten up, change your song and stop throwing everyones statements back at them. "But you said....but you said...but you said".