Marpal, you know what else gets old? Cans getting kicked further along down the road, with seemingly no EXPLANATIONS, and that's precisely why all the pumpers here, spin each and every development (whether positive or negative) into something "from the GWM toolbox" as if it's some genius, grand master plan, conducted with expert precision and competancy. Do other miners/refiners hit snags? Of course they do, and often use their words, to say what's up.


Will GWM survive and thrive? I HOPE so. However, with no permanent CEO and the brain child, former CEO, and another board member resigning, as usual imo, WITHOUT explanation, is concerning, at least to me (yes, even though they are now what, consultants?!). As I've stated, I could afford to lose my entire position. What I won't quietly stand for and remain mute about, are things here being spun into what ifs, that cannot possibly be known. Right now, if the resignations were a transition to something else, great, what is it? Oh, that's right, we don't know, because, as is the case too often imo, we haven't heard anything really from GWM. And no, I'm not selling my core position until well into 2014. Muddy's predictions should come to pass by then, right?! I know, he makes predictions a plenty imo, and rarely gives much explanations about them, other than changing REE prices.


I actually expect good news from GWM at some point, if they are for real (and I HOPE that they are). They asked for the $$$ that they got. The presently "former" management at the top, and many here outlined, argued really, how it was enough, modular design and all. Well, it has been quite a while since they got the $$$, since they formed the seemingly unfunded jv, and have been refurbishing and drilling at SKK for quite some time now. Heck, I believe that wwwater said earlier how "early 2013" could happen for full vertical integration, then he said mid 2013, again, what's his present stance? Anyone can throw out this or that. Swiffer is correct in that wwwater seems to have many swings and misses. I'd really like to see him connect. However, what he provides imo, are charts of what ifs, for facilities that either are not constructed, or much less than what he envisions for them to be. I'd just like to know what it'll take to get them built, fully operating, and roughly by when that would/could/should be? Noone doubts that GWM has decent REE's in the ground. What some may doubt, is whether they can pull their vision off, especially without some of their fearless leaders, officially on board. Some CLARITY imo is over due (with regard to where things comprehensively are at), and the lack of it imo, probably is why the pps is bouncing around 52 week lows. Imo, definitely NOT time to be planning a party, hopefully, at some point though. Expect better, and maybe, just maybe, we'll get some?! However, many here appear to enjoy the koolaid, so, drink up, and who can blame you, the last year would drive anyone to do so imo.