Naw, I check back when there's "supposed" to be "news" according to Muddy and others. Hmmm, haven't seen that slew of positive PR's as of yet (although it would be nice to see some, at least one before the year closes out, you know, to end it on a high note, then maybe Muddy will resume his par-tay plans. Yes, it's his party and he'll cry if he wants to, even if it's "wolf", from the little I've seen to date, but again, HOPING for that to change soon).


Then again, warrants were again pushed back recently, so, there must be so many to crank out that the former Skipper (and yes, he actually looks like him), may be staying home, possibly to "consult" (because after all, he is now a Consultant, on an as needed basis, right?) on the PEA, who knows? Certainly none of you here, that's been proven time and time again.


That said, looking for objectively positive news, as always. Muddy doesn't often answer these days, so, what's his current PT, as well as his current guess for when full integration is likely to commence. With him changing his tune, mind, and numbers with such frequency, it's hard to keep track. When he changes his outlook, it would be nice if he proclaimed it as boldly as his prior declarations, ah, and provide reasons, you know EXPLANATIONS for why things have changed. Then again, he doesn't expect GWM to do so either imo, so why bother, right?!