reely....You continue to post with certainty statements of which you, nor any of  us, have any direct knowledge at this time.  As you say, the PEA will reveal many details currently unknown to us.    If the uncertainty level is too high for you, you should stop wasting your time and find a more certain investment.  Both MCP and Lynas claim certainty in many more things than GWMG and might make better choices for you.

 Your logic and persistent repetition are very similar to another poster on the board, JJ, who has not been visiting us much of late.  Perhaps you could contact him through a private message and see if he has found a more attractive investment in the sector.  The two of you seem to have a common aversion to the risks inherent in speculative investing, which this is, and to focusing in on one small detail for which there is no currently no full public disclosure and must therefore be the harbinger of doom.   

 You admitted yesterday that this is a game of probabilities, not certainty, yet you still demand certainty.  With such internal personal disagreement, you seem destined to ongoing disappointment, regardless of the outcome of any one point of discussion.  I'd wish you good luck, but luck is far more uncertain than GWMG's having a viable plan for separating their Steens chlorides, and I don't wish to add to your discomfort.