Please provide some reference or link to your opinion "In all likelihood, because it doesn't exist.".  You continue to make statements with no basis except your own opinion, which also applies to your false statement that it is" an inconvenient but very troublesome  truth".   Since you have no evidence that your statement is true, it is only inconvenient and troublesome in so far as you cannot support it as a truthful statement.  Truth is verifiable.

Please post a link, any link to a credible source, that supports your statement.  

Please post why performing such separation at a different facility temporarily in order to accelerate the process of feeding LCM's furnaces to GW's(and our) financial benefit is a bad thing.  In any case, this has only been mentioned on this board as a possible  backup action.  In my opinion it is simply more likely that at current low prices it will be just as easy to simply buy separated Chinese REE to feed the strip casting furnaces, and produce significant new revenues while the Vredendal facility is being completed.  That is in fact, the current announced general plan, is what they have been doing for the past year of testing, and poses no question whatsoever of it's efficacy.  And, it's extension in part, should Steen's concentrate be eventually shipped to China or elsewhere, or extended until Vredendal does achieve production, will have little long term effect on GWMG's overall profitability.