Poncho: Of course you are not required to answer any questions. No one is, except management.

Perhaps my error, though I don't think so, I was never suggesting management publish the formulas for separating the chlorides. That makes no sense. But an announcement that they had successfully separated the chlorides would be a tremendous assist to building the confidence of all current and prospective shareholders in this promising company.

Your acknowledgement that the answer is no, management does not, as of right now, have flow sheets for the exact separation process for SKK establishes a proper platform of information. Suggesting that we now need to resort to probabilities is frank and welcome.

And that is a reality that many, many posters (and presumably many shareholders on this board and, likely, elsewhere) have not acknowledged and which I thank you for doing.

That we are now investing our money by assessing the probability of an outcome is a far, far cry from accepting an invitation to a party celebrating GWMG's $2 billion market cap.

All I am saying is that there is a lot of work to do still, the most complicated and crucial part of which no one, to date, has paid sufficient attention to.