wrong derminator..you said that MCP is  "Great Western's direct competition". I'm not going to repeat what is known already but there is a BIG difference between LREE's and HREE's and remember, NEO's plant is sitting on government property. We(gwg) will be sitting on property and buildings we OWN! Big BIG difference.

Anyway, frustration abounds.  We all want the sp to move up. I'm no exception and yes, it frustrates me too that we have so much and yet we're sitting in the .20's. Instead of jabbing at each other or GWG management,  how about writing the institutions that keep suffocating the SP?. They are the greedy controllers of this game. As annoying as my positivity is to you, it's  the result of  knowing that at the end of this game, fundamentals will win and that's GWG!