My question, which nobody anywhere has yet answered in the affirmative, is: using the solvent extraction method, has anyone in China or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world, figured out how to separate the SKK deposit specifically. Remember 15 months ago when those Chinese engineers were at SKK - you know, the engineers who, according to many on this bord, were going to sign the JV agreement? - they took to China samples of the SKK deposit. Why? To work on the processing and separating. Have you heard anything about their work? The answer is, obviously, no. So the question is - and it perhaps the most important question right now - where do we stand in understanding how to succesfully and economically separate the SKK chlorides.

reely, there are many people on this board who asked the same question (secor, neoncarb etc) and, from my point of view, we have an "absence of proof" situation. It doesn't mean that we have a "proof of absence". Maybe PEA will reveal all the details, I don't know. There are many factors which make me think we should be fine: the general history/Chinese expertise in processing monazite deposits (hopefully the specifics of our deposit are not a huge variation from what is known), the fact that they were forthcoming when they really had a problem with the Hoidas metallurgy, the fact that D. Kennedy is in charge of SA operation (plus the other 2 in-house experts in separation technology), the fact that they decided to move ahead with the permits for the separation plants etc.