Poncho: yes, there are three known methods. But that was not my question.

My question, which nobody anywhere has yet answered in the affirmative, is: using the solvent extraction method, has anyone in China or, for that matter, anywhere else in the world, figured out how to separate the SKK deposit specifically. Remember 15 months ago when those Chinese engineers were at SKK - you know, the engineers who, according to many on this bord, were going to sign the JV agreement? - they took to China samples of the SKK deposit. Why? To work on the processing and separating. Have you heard anything about their work? The answer is, obviously, no. So the question is - and it perhaps the most important question right now - where do we stand in understanding how to succesfully and economically separate the SKK chlorides.

Sure, there are workarounds including sending the processed chlorides to China. But, wait a second, there are export quotas in China and there are set prices for exporting REOs out of China. Will we be able to work around those? Does China establish a third-tier of prices (i.e. an export price based on tolling only) just for us? Does China set up a different basket of export quotas just for us?

You and everyone else who doesn't look at this issue as closely as you look at wwwater's detailed calculations are just whistling by the graveyard, in my very humble opinion.