jj - This must be the post to which this schizoid is referring.  He certainly is trying to establish himself/herself as some kind of credible poster with his more than 30 post today--pathetic that a penny stock board IS his life!


"jail:  Yes, you are correct!  I am also ree guy.  You are just far too smart for me.  Everyone else on the board is just too stupid and lazy to "look a little deeper" at my posts.  A basket case you are.  Really pathetic that you would study the posts of an anonymous posters and convince yourself that he/she is out to deceive you.  Why would anyone care?  I have decided you have serious mental issues with all the characteristics of a paranoid schizophrenic.  Actually, you are wrong on all accounts.  I am just goseahawks and have no other Stockhouse IDs.  I see you consider yourself in the same category as waters and poncho.  Are you kidding!  You swing wildly from TA arrogance to shear panic based on fundamentals and lately have been just a garden variety basher.  I enjoy reading waters posts and think I benefit from them although I would think much more of them if he had a more realistic view of GWM--all companies have both strengths and weaknesses.  I do enjoy and learn from poncho's posts, although I would never base a buy or sell on advice from someone on a blog as he evidently has done with neon.  As for wanting attention that is just as crazy as are all your other accusations.  Other than yesterday, I probably average 1 or 2 posts a day.  I recall days when you have consistently posted 10 to 20 posts a day or more.  By your paranoid schizophrenic thinking that makes be the one who is striving for credibility on a online blog.  I actuality couldn't care less what readers here think of me as it has no meaning in my life.  Re. the seasonal pattern, I don't recall reading any post by you on that topic, although I don't read the board every day.  Poor fellow, although it is comical it merits some relishing on this weekend.  Keep up your guard and important detective work.  Everyone appreciates your great effort!  Too funny."