I for one HOPE that wwwater is right (for a change). He really could use a win. Unlike most here, I could easily afford to lose my entire position in GWM, but even at this point, don't think that will happen. If I'm wrong, oh well, so be it.


It's just frustrating hearing things from members here, and even the company to an extent, that just don't seem to quite work out as expected, and then when that happens, almost disregarding what was said, and saying something new, almost as if the intial statements had not been made. :/ Okay, that's in the past, let's have some PR and ACTIONS that don't leave egg on their/our faces. If I'm right, and wwwater FINALLY calls his shot, well, clink, clink, clank, clank, take the $$$ to the bank, "Gooooooooooooo Muddy!" Fixed, start the wave, they're at least good at that over at the Metrodome.