Fixed, nope, not good enough to play pro ball, but good enough for a state high school championship, and I can live with that. And no, not a QB (but I threw the passes on pitch/pass plays, as well as punted and kicked), played slotback/TE (depending upon formation) on offense, and SS on defense.You you're such a fan(atic) that you probably thought that Tavaris Jackson was gonna' work out to be a decent QB as well. Ponder is an improvement from there, at least he can throw relatively accurately. However, he locks onto receivers, and is not comfortable in the pocket, where pros must be, if they are going to ever hope to succeed. He's average, at best. The Vikings blew it by overlooking some of the decent QB's in the last draft. They need a real first round caliber one, if they are ever going to do anything, NOT a second or third round guy, taken waaay too soon.

And no, I'm not whining, whether GWM or Muddy, if they say something that works out, GREAT! If not, EXPLAIN, rather than saying the next things, as if it was your first intention. That will hurt anyone's credibility. Say what you will, GWM needs some objectively positive news, and then actually meet the milestones that they set up, rather than merely talking about them, as many do here. Resutls will get respect, flapping of gums is what the rest of the pack do. I'm HOPING that GWM is better, they've yet to SHOW it, imo, Hopefully soon tho.