JJ, hang in there you will get the answers sooner or later but whinning won't help...lol...Yes I want to get on with it as well but give them credit for getting this far. As far as the Vikings well what do I say they are better than last year and still my favorite team as GWMG is still my favorite REE company. Christian Ponder well let's just say he is young and still learning but I'm pretty sure he can do a better job than you...lol...can you even throw a football...lol...


“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle
The Fox and the Grapes
Aesop's ancient story of The Fox and the Grapes was written around 600 BCE, but Americans are still familiar with the tale.  You'll hear them talk about "sour grapes" from time to time.
In the fable, a fox wants to eat some grapes, but cannot reach them because they are too high off the ground.  As he walks away he announces that he didn't want them anyway, because they were sour.
"Sour grapes" is used to this day to refer to the behavior of a person who, because he cannot have something he wants, says something negative about it.