Swiffer, correct me if I'm wrong, but, at least originally, Jack had I believe 15,000 shares, at around .15c, if memory serves. He later sold, but has apparently bought back in. Now, his holdings likely pale in comparison to some here no doubt, ah, especially Walt, what, with his 1 Million shares (ya' right) :/. I have a relatively modest position, but pretty large compared to what Jack has historically held. I'm holding off adding anymore, until the future becomes more clear, a LOT more clear really. They need to state who is running the show, what their exact deposits, as well as their resources and timetables are, for completing the mine to market vision. Until we hear that and more from the company, I agree, what Muddy is spewing is just more hot air. He might eventually be correct, but at the moment, "Ya', he's got a lotta' losses", in every respect. Looking forward to that changing though, the sooner the better.