Congratulations on finding such an interesting field to work in.  You probably appreciate slide 31 of the recent LCM Analyst Tour, with the Strip thickness measurements and their standard deviations.  I have a number of queestions regarding this presentation, but don't know that I will get any answers.  Just for the heck of it, I will toss them out here:

1.  Can anyone summarize what this means and why +3 is interesting?  “Lanthanum has only one important oxidation state in aqueous solution’ the +3 state. With few exceptions that tells the whole boring story about the other fourteen elements”

2.  Slide 30:  The product appears to be little "chips."  How do they become chips?  Is the output of the furnace a thin strip of alloy like a large book that isn't very thick, which is somehow converted to chips?  From slide 31 I get the impression the chips are not stirred in the pot, because they seem to be measuring the thickness at the various locations ... don't understand this, must be some relevance to how they are made and being in specific areas.

3.  Final observation that slides 20 through 23 strongly suggest the Separation/Extraction Facility is still intended to move forward.  I don't recall seeing a slide like #21 before with GQD's logo so prominantly displayed.  Does "Qian" translate to "Big?"    :-)