Hmmm, that would be the very person (David Kennedy) who I've been saying, since the "search" began, whom imo, would probably make a very good CEO for the company. So, I am very much awake. You, wwwater, on the other hand, went on and on about how the almost "perfect" candidate must be chosen. I stated that there is no perfect candidate, since it's leading a new sector. All we know right now is that Gary and Jim are no longer officially management, and the CEO search, along with most everything else, appears to be dragging out. Looking for a break through, as well as some comprehensive explanations, soon. Then perhaps, you can en make your best guesses for full vertical operation and profitibility, with some degree of accuracy. On the former, you appear to be 0 for 2. So, your credibility really could use some improvement. Keep your eye on the ball, know what you know (not hope), call your shots from there, and maybe, just maybe, you'll connect for at least a base hit or more. Batter up!