nebbya - As a long time holder I have stressed many a time what you have so eloquently pointed out.  The SP performance does not provide any justice to the fundamentals that are on the ground and what will be in the very near future.  You have pointed out a very significant point, and that has also been stressed by me, expertice.  Without that you have nothing but a hole in the ground.  It takes expertise to convert that hole and what is below it into a profit.  It takes expertise to locate, bring it up, grind the heck out of it, separate into separate piles, and determine what is most valuable and then market what you brought out of the hole. GWMG has to this point established what is in that hole, has a method of separating the good stuff from the bad stuff and is in the process of building the mechanism to separate it all and have an excellent market for it demanding excellent pricing in the market place.