The question of who is selling and why is a good one.  If it was not for this board and paying close attention to it daily for the past year, I would not be comfortable with my current holding.  Looking solely through the available information on GWMG's website it is difficult to pull together all of the information to make one comfortable with the full story.  It is much easier to do it over time as wwwater has done, but requires considerable dedication and diligence.


Several aspects of the story that are not easy to see are the actual likely resource size and the groundwork that GWMG has laid.  The updated NI43-101 will likely double the resource.  Over time this may go up substantially.  Our 6-year mine will go to 10-20 years.  That makes a big difference to the overall story.


Just as important, in my opinion, is how careful and thoughtful GWMG has been over the years in acquiring key personnel.  Many of these people do not show up on the corporate website but instead are buried in press releases over the years.  GWMG has systematically been investing in human capital and technical knowledge well in advance.  This is very different from a typical mining operation.  The structure, organization, and human resources needed to implement the entire mine to metals operation has been carefully put together over years and these pieces are all in place.  I see this as a sign of excellent management (Jim and Gary) and the benefit of a long-term consistent vision and focus.  It has taken years to put these different pieces and resources together internally.


At the moment we are focused on the execution of the mining and separation part of the process.  Just as important is having a great team and the right people to have the different elements work smoothly.


If you have not been paying attention to this board regularly, it would be relativley easy to dismiss GWMG's story as fluff and demand more proof.  I can see how one could easily lose hope and sell, especially given the dismal stock chart.  GWMG does not do hype.  GWMG is not flashy and smooth talking.  As a fundamentals based investor, I see the whole story, how the puzzle pieces are now aligned and will fit together soon.


What I have not heard is a cogent argument as to why GWMG is not a good investment based on fundamentals.  That is telling as well.  What has been put forth before (e.g., small resource size, Moreno's argument that SKK is mostly light rare earths) are not valid concerns given the information we have available.  For that reason I am comfortable with my holdings.