Broken clocks are at least correct twice per day. Yes, my complaints may sound like a broken record, and for good reason, imo, we've yet to see significant improvement. However, I am very much looking forward to some, soon, at which point, you may at least be as accurate as half of a broken clock, that is, once. Again, VERY much looking forward to that day. In the mean time, try NOT to make too bold of predictions that do not come to pass, or come down too harshly upon those who question such predictions.


Just like with what GWM should strive to do, imo, under promise, and over deliver. The inverse of that, imo, is probably why we are trading right around 52 week lows. With the right news, presented properly, yes, that could surely change quickly. I merely hope that GWM does have such news in store. I'd like to see them eventually hit their target, as opposed to their foot, which, when not in their mouth, they seem to hit all too frequently thisyear, imo. That may start with a Buck stops HERE sort of CEO.