So wwwater, did Jim not know what he was talking about when he said "fully funded"?! He later backtracked in his final CC, saying that for opex, there may be more costs involved, and that the PEA would bare those out. Now you hint that capex may be off as well, really?! For crying out loud, it'll be nice when folks words and actions start aligning. Looking forward to the PEA and numbers that are pretty solid, rather than the seeminlgy sliding scale that you and others appear to use, relative to costs and time needed for buildout. Personally, I'd just like to see reasonable, doable costs, and actual construction to completion for the integrated chain, Then perhaps, your charts about potential profits may be worth more than the paper that they are printed on. First things first, EXECUTE, and COMMUNICATE, effectively, and ACCURATELY. That imo, would be a very nice, and welcomed change of pace. That said, I really do want for both you and Jon Hykawy to be correct, on something. Start at least making contact with the ball, then perhaps you'll ACHIEVE some REAL, meaningful hits, extra bases, and just maybe hit one outt'a the park. Here's to HOPING!