Kookaburra--  While Kores is Korean, who makes the REE equipment for separation and processing?  China.  Where is GWMG getting their separation equipment?  China.  Where is LCM getting it's furnaces? China.   Unless you want to start from scratch and design and build your own bespoke system, which would take years, any company today is going to be dealing at least in part with China for the equipment.

 If the person to be hired for that position will be traveling, much would be to China, with occasional stops at Korea if the company were Kores, which they might not have wished to post since the name of the company was not made public in the job listing.  All I'm saying is that the need for travel to China would be a given for such a person, no matter what company he worked for, so your thinking was correct as far as it went, but perhaps not wide ranging enough.