Nemmya - There is something wrong with the 'Definitive Feasibility Study'. In the CC April-2012 Jim Engdahl said this to Bill Mellnick:

BILL MELNICK: In June of 2010, you had commissioned SRK
Consulting to do a feasibility study on assays on Steenkampskraal. It was
originally to be a BFS. However, you got the financing in place and of
course it's contingent on the 43-101. Are you planning on producing the
public feasibility study or economic development report by an independent

JIM ENGDAHL: The quick answer to that, Bill, is no, we're not.
The original decision not to do a BFS was made so that we could shorten
the time frame to production because we felt we could get the financing
without being completed, as we proved just recently.