Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Back! Too funny. Still looking forward to GWM saying something that SHOWS me that they really know what they are doing. Are they surprised that the recent PR's have done NOTHING to raise the pps?! Measure twice, cut ONCE! (whenever possible). Yes, mistakes are made in judgement/expectations at times, but let's be real. Early Q4 for the PEA did not happen. Then they say by Q4, as well as ask for and receive a warrants extension. That's due to expire soon, and I commented that time is growing short for positive news, if we get any, which might raise the pps and make the December warrants relevant. 

Now, they are getting pushed back another month? Well, if that means that the PEA is FINALLY going to be released, within Q4, fine. Hmmm, if it is before the end of Q4, yep, if it's decent imo, that should put January warrants into play. Here's to hoping that the 3rd times the charm, relative to warrants, we'll see. For now, spin mysters, I'll leave it to you to point out the "genius" of employing yet another tool from GWM's toolbox, bag of tricks, or is it Trix, oh, no, that's right, they are a Lucky Charms kinda' company imo, "Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers", leading to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All kidding aside, they do, imo, have HUGE potential "if" they can execute. I'm still waiting to SEE that. Then again, it's hard imo, to tell who's responsible for any would be possible egg on their face, since at present, we still don't appear to have a full time CEO.