You truly are a head case! This aint the muddy waters home page so don't expect the SEC to be kicking in any doors just yet. You know on virtually every stockhouse forum where the share price is in the toilet you hear the same conversations.

It's the bashers!

It's the shorters!

It's the evil hedge funds!

It's the nasty 1%ers  (one for you seahhawks, re-guy or whatever else your calling yourself today)

You know what the problem is? Nothing.  There is no problem, here or for most of the other dead money equities that are out there.


The share price is simply the honest to God value of what investors are prepared to pay or sell at given all the current circumstances, period. So get your head out of your assets and come to grips with the fact that you, and every other smuck whining all over stockhouse, picked an equity that has yet to convince the investment community of it's worth. Now get on to the phone and start calling the SEC before sunrize flees the country


In the words of bugs bunny, what a maroon.