Yes Jamiro that is exactly what this is, a down trend.

Almost all equities trade in a channel as they await announcements, with blue chips it is much more pronounced and those announcements are often nothing more then dividend announcements. With a company like GWG the announcements are much more intense and are always of the exstreme positive or extreme negative kind and the  share price responds just as extremely.


Lately, the buzz has become one of failing timelines and financial short falls,  it is these  2 combined that has sent investors to the exits. However, the company has not indicated in any way that things are terminal so (as I posted yesterday on a chart) I see this present down trend and channel trading continuing until we receive news, or it touches .21  to .22 cents. Then you can expect a bounce that will likely carry the share price back to the high 20's to low 30's, the key will be trying to determine if this is a bounce on renewed faith in the fundamentals, or the proverbial Dead Cat Bounce that large investors will use to try and escape. As always volume will be the tell.