You (hotdog or plauged or whatever other I.D you have)  must have struggled with that reply because it has no merit. Firstly,  Having fellow investors who understand reality makes a stock itself more valuable. That makes no sense at all. This is why I am happy the old management team got fired. They did NOT get fired.In the last 12 months they publicly showed nothing but incompetence.
They have accomplished a great deal and much more than other ree companies in the last 12 months.And personally contributed to me loosing around 6 months take home. You invested one day on hopes that you'd be rich the next and when that didn't happen, you blame managemetn?

I won't address the rest of your reply. It's obvious that you know nothing about GWG nor of what it takes to run a business. YOU want to elect new board members? that was entertaining lol.

Why did I even reply to this? (shaking my head)