"hotdog...if we all agreed with you, would it change anything? So what exactly do you hope to accomplish with your negative feeds? Are you trying to send a message that investors should sell out? I don't get it. Please enlighten me."

The general public having more information is a good thing (most times). Having fellow investors who understand reality makes a stock itself more valuable. If enough investors believe in the fundamental value of company but recognize that the leadership has failed them, you can get change within the CO and actually create investor value. 

That is what is called a turn around…

This is why I am happy the old management team got fired. In the last 12 months they publicly showed nothing but incompetence.   Having a good strategy is only half the battle. They simply failed at implementation over the last year. And personally contributed to me loosing around 6 months take home.

If enough shareholders recognize the source of the many millions of losses we investors have held….and act on our understanding…..we can play our part in getting a NEW successful management team in place.

Simply saying “yay” will not do that… and simply saying “Boo” will not help either