The  wind blew the the  bull%##  flew and the vision was bad for days!  Oh my lord the negativity reins on this board lately. Been months since I posted .  IMO OUR NEW CEO is quietly putting together his team to take us further on up the road folks and execute our plans. THANK goodness Gary and JIM  relaize pride cometh  before a fall. THEY  were competent and  wise enough to step aside and let the xperts in their respective fields  move  onto  our team to ensure  our success as a company. TOO Bad jim balsillie and mike lazardis of RIM  didn,t  have the same foresight to step aside two years ago when they needed to. WHERE has RIM stock and reputation    gone since then  my friends - I  ask you.     A  plan is coming to fruition my freinds  stay cool . As for all the negative folks in the world   --- hopefully we get visited by A humongous  alien spaceship soon with  a new type of magnet - rare earth sourced I  predict-  that will suck up all the negative people off the planet and do the world a   huge favour.

Cheers  wolfie