googenoff & et al - I have extremely large shoulders, 46" across the chest to be exact and am prepared to carry the entire blame of the SP where it is on my shoulders.  I did it before and I am prepared to do it again.  Just go back to the early 2000's where was the SP then.  I did not bail out then and I will not bail out now.  Just maybe it is something other than everything is being pointed at Management and their development process.  Could it not be the overall world economic conditions.  I can see you "goofenoff" saying "Oh! he is covering his posterior again".  Sorry, there is more to the picture.  Seems only a few who do recognize there may be external factors impacting the entire rare earth sector or are we to blind and centred on GWG to recognize that.  Like I said I have big shoulder and throw all the toilet at me not only it's content, I not concerned.