I  have the feeling there will be some very nice stock options granted at the end of the year tooo,,,, AT .20

Keep up the good work men.//???


They'd better not. Management should benefit if they perform, and shareholders would have no problem with that, since it should entail a rise in the pps, in contrast to what we've experienced, endured really. Then again, who is our "world class, crack, management team?!" Ah, that's a right, another ancient Chinese secret perhaps? But not to worry, since Muddy probably has a fortune cookie that answers all, since imo, we're still kinda' in the dark, as usual. Any bets on whether warrants stay as is? One would think that the PEA would be out BEFORE they expire. Otherwise, why would they change the date to where it's presently at? A string of good news imo, is needed to buoy the pps. But what we've seen, imo, could only be taken as "good news" by an uber pumper. Still looking for objectively positive news here. Hoping some is thrown our way, soon, Not bashing, just not drinking the kook,  er', I mean koolaid either.