I'm pretty sure their market footprint is pretty global. I may actually have that info at home at least for 2010, 2011. They have a pretty lengthy customer list, many companies of which we are familiar with. It was pubic knowledge at the Neo investor meetings, but I don't quite remember the continental breakdowns of sales if they ever shared that info. They definitely have a footprint in Germany, Thailand, Japan and China. I would say mostly in China and Japan though. But one thing to remember is that Neo was a very growth oriented company constantly expanding and improving products. Their strategy was to grow at a rate and manner that would offset market flucations, and they -had- the cashflow to do things very quickly. Customers could make very unusual requests and their extensive and highly skilled (highly skilled is an understatement) R&D workforce could make pull rabbits out of hats. I'm sure the story is probably a little different now since Molycorp took over the show, but I don't think anyone knows for sure. I get the idea Molycorp will use their cashflows to combat debt payments rather then expand the magnet business so that should be a good thing for GWG. But to be fair you can't ignore the fact that the neo management is still working for the company, as is the entire neo workforce, and you don't know what is up their sleeve because I can tell you there will ALWAYS be something with those guys. The ship might have a different capain, but its got the same crew. The investing community definitely has pretty strong opinions on the future of Molycorp but you can't deny that they aren't stiff competition.