Right on deeptrenches and wwwater. Africa does indeed want business with China because  they've been wanting to tap into their growing economy. As was told to me, GQD doesn't have the money to control alot however the Chinese government does. If GQD is told that they have to go under the rare earth umbrella with the rest of them, then it's the government that will call the shots. Since the agreement was made with Gary and Jim in power, I am confident that it was drafted to prevent such a happening. 

My distrust of Chinese companies is a personal one. I invested in two of them. One turned out to be a scam. (one company lending to another, to another etc until the one we invested in became an empty shell) The SEC does not protect us from this. They took money from innocent American investors. Period. The other I am keeping a close eye on 'cause they recently lent millions to another company who's servcies serve no purpose. hmm. If I knew that they would indeed play by the rules, then I'd have more trust in them. Until then, I don't. It's not about the people, but about the control the government has over them. Luckily my investments were small but I feel that I've been made a fool of alongside the many other North American investors. In the article I posted earlier, it states that the government owns the land that the businesses run on. They can pull the rug anytime they want.

GWG was built on good relationships with China, Africa, US, Canada and UK. That to me is very important for the many reasons that you mentioned Deeptrenches. Some of your points, I hadn't considered before. Thank you.