Ponch, no, no, no, you misunderstand, Muddy saw it coming from a mile-oh-way. It's probably just another of the "tools" in GWM's toolbox, but I'll let wwwater explain it, being that he saw it coming and all, :/. Hmmm, perhaps he can look into his crystal ball and tell us what's next. Hopefully, it's more acurate than the Crazy 8 Ball sort of PR's that we've had for quite some time now, imo. Hoping for things to appear less snafuish, towards being more superstardom, but have yet to see anything close to that, yet. Again, they moved back the warrants expiration, so, one would think that actual good news is likely in the works, but the last PR was NOT what I was expecting, but again, those who did see the transition coming, even tho we have no real idea as to exactly what we're actually transitioning to and with can maybe sound off. Better yet, perhaps we could get some clarity, straight from the horse's mouth, you know, with words and actions aligning more clearly. Here's to hoping. Not bashing, just not rah-rahing things that none of us here seem to know or really understand what's going on, without EXPLANATION!