- Searchin for reason; ...without many clues; ...is how the vast majority of GWMG retail investors must be feelin right about now; ... myself included !

- In my  search for reason; I revisited some of the ongoing power struggles over the proposed "OYU TOLGOI" Mongolian copper mine (a much coveted asset); ...and yes, there are indeed some striking similarities; ...and some implied certainties.  Here is the link http://www.biv.com/article/20120418/BIV0108/120419949/-1/BIV/ivanhoe-mines-ceo-and-10-senior-execs-resign-en-masse.

- Where-ever one finds coveted assets; ... one also finds vested parties with access to deep pockets; eager to gain an  ever bigger slice of the pie! ... Could be the masterplan of a certain Mr George Ireland; ...or perhaps the manipulative meddlings of the Chinese; ... both are vested  parties! ... and the certainty is; "the Piper-Payer" will most certainly be "Calling The-Tune".