JT-- Agree to the discomfort level, but things have to be in the works to make the important announcements, which should be most or all positive(I hope), and the problem with the one they made was it was unexpected by nearly everybody, and could be interpreted as negative, even if it does not turn out to be that way.  I am very disappointed in the lack of a followup this week, but still see fundamentals positive with any decent news, so I am certainly not planning on dumping any of my shares.  

As to ORT, I left MCP while their price was still rising and the targets were well over $100 per share because their releases and words did not match the actions being taken.  ORT got a big blot on their record when their PEA was judged unacceptable by the reviewing authorities last spring, resulting in the 60 day suspension of trading, and many of their releases since have been worthy of MCP's finest wordsmiths.  They produced a few hundred grams of separated REE's from a table top setup, and announced they would be major REE producers of separated oxides, and licensing their process.  That sounds an awful lot like magic beans, particularly with their record.  

Many of these companies have gained in share price at various times, MCP being the biggest fish, but the benefits seem to have gone to insiders and quantum traders rather than investors.  ORT will have to prove to me that they have anything before I put money on them.  They squandered their credibility, and have doubled down since then with nothing more than press releases and tiny pilot plants currently under development.  Apply any of JJ's requirements of execution and/or actual accomplishment to their history, and they come up short in my book.  At least so far.