Well, speaking of holes wwwater, I'd like to see something positive come out of your pie hole for a change, you know, of a positive variety, that actually comes true. I would remain silent, if not for some of the ridiculous things that are posted here, often by you, about how you knew this, or knew that, or calling Gary B. the savior of the north american ree sector, etc, etc, etc...  I'd settle for him merely being GWM's savior, getting the vision built and successfully operating.

I've said that those here should focus on GWM, and not bashing other companies, since they have, and still do appear to have more than enough to handle on their own plate. Some here are calling this time, a period of transition. Perhaps, but from what to what?! Once again, we don't know what or why, pretty much as usual. Still HOPING that something positive develops but again wwwater would love to see you eventually be correct,  FINALLY!