I think this board is full of worry warts who focus too intensely on Great Western share price.  I can understand perhaps checking a couple times a day if one is heavily invested but not watching every move every minute of every trading day.  I think this causes people to overreact and not have a sufficient perspective or context.  The investing world hasn't even reacted to the news of the change in directorship.  The share price is essentially where it was before the news.  And, for example, the combined volume of GWG and GWMGF totals a tiny $330,000!  That is just peanuts, even for this penny stock with a market cap of $112 million.  I don't see how there is much chance that the directorship news is all bad.  I think it either means that a buyout now is more likely, which should, in itself, make the stock more attractive.  Or this really is just setting the stage for the very profitable company most here have thus far only dreamed of and "projected" about.