Well Gang I would have to say, it's safe to say  that news is not coming today.


I've looked at this every way from Sunday and I'm afraid that I just can't ignore the long term trend any longer. While fundamentally this may turn out to be the gold mine that many hope for the truth is the market has consistently given it a big thumbs down.

I've read on this forum, over and over again, that this is some kind of share stealing conspiracy run by mythical big boys but come on now it's time to see the light. From a technical point of view 2 strong  triangles, one medium term the other long, signaled in October and September respectively. As I pointed out the other day the medium term came to fruition when GWG breached .27 cents. The long term remaining triangle suggest a share price of the sub .10 range, which is to me basically insolvency.

As I have traded in out of GWG over the years I always felt that this was just a means to greater share accumulation, as all profits from these trades essentially bought more GWG. As of this morning GWG  represented about 25% of my portfolio, with many of the shares acquired years ago in the sub .20 range. Sadly, faced with no news today and a quick review of the trading action  I have taken the defensive move of selling off half of my holdings today.

Something is definitely coming, still hopeful that it's positive, but thinking it's probably not. So as they say on Shark tank and Dragons den "I'm out" well halfway out actually.



It is noteworthy in mentioning  that it took all morning to sell my shares at the ask so there was certainly very little demand given that the bid and ask are separated by a mere .005 cents.