SteauOilers thank you for your reasoned response!  Much appreciated to see some level headed thinking and writing.  Could be fear talking on my part, IMO it was a red flag which I acted upon.  May have been incorrect because as many have pointed out, my ignorance didn't see this coming ... on the other hand the MR should have been handled much better to anticipate shortcomings of investor knowledge.

The situation is a little strange to me also with GWG2RETIRE because I thought his thoughts were more negative a while back, and with recent troubles has become more positive.  While I on the other hand have always been relativly positive yet practical, and while yes there may be some fear showing, I think I am more P O'd than frightened.  I was really ticked off when I first saw the announcement, the timing, the content, and total package handling.  We'll see how it all plays out.

Keep up the good communications!    -bbq