"GWG is essentially right where it has been for months, namely bouncing off it's .27 cent floor. "


Yes not too bad with respect to share price, and as others have commented it's dangerous to sell now at what are perceived to be low share prices.  Yet aside from the woohooers and weak hand (not all of us consider this play money to "gamble" with) critics, in my opinion the risks are not where they have been; rather they have increased.


1.  End of quarter is coming.  My perception is these have never been kind to share price because they haven't met popular expectations.  I have no evidence of this and as I said, is just my perception.


2.  PEA announcement is coming.  In my opinion there is a very good chance a piece of the financials which will include increased funding requirements.  Granted the PEA should also engender specificity and profitability, yet will increased funding requirement of $30M (just throwing out a number, pick your own) positively impact share price?  e.g., How will funds be raised?


3.  Although it hasn't been a major concern of mine, share consolidation may be under increased consideration with respect to any further funding requirements.


4.  How will the market react if the new furnaces are experiencing further difficulty?  I am not saying they are, I am saying what I perceive to be delays in progress reports makes me wonder how things are going, and in my opinion the risk is increasing.


5.  How will the market react if the project is postponed or worse due to environmental impact concerns?  Again I haven't considered this much of a risk, but in my esteem the risk is growing by the month.


JT was that you that said the MR was amateurish?  Wish I could find that post because some of those sentiments closely matched up with my own.  I was thinking that Poncho, or even myself, could have done better.  The bull did some damage on his way through the china shop.  The market was more than just "unhappy."


Lots of great comments pro and con to recent developments.  I still have a personally considerable position here; just being a little more cautious regarding the potential pitfalls in conjunction with the disconcerting Media Release.  Hopefully good news will yet present itself this year.